Ntcham language

Not to be confused with Bassari language (Senegal). Ntcham Basari Native to Togo, Ghana Ethnicity Gurma […]

Broxton Rocks

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Hohstock The Hohstock from the south side Highest point Elevation 3,226 m (10,584 ft) Prominence 51 m (167 ft) [1] […]

Action of 23 August 1806

Action of 23 August 1806 Part of the Napoleonic Wars HMS Arethusa and HMS Anson capture […]

KO One

KO One Promotional poster for KO One Also known as 終極一班 Zhōng Jí Yī Bān […]

Vicari (surname)

Vicari is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Andrew Vicari (born 1938), Welsh […]

Artful Dodger (UK band)

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Angra Manyu

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Poznań University of Science and Technology

Poznań University of Science and Technology is a University in Kalisz, Poland. It specialises in […]

Parke Lake (Independence Township, Michigan)

Park Lake Location Oakland County, Michigan Coordinates 42°44′19″N 83°24′54″W / 42.738572°N 83.415016°W / 42.738572; -83.415016Coordinates: […]